Friday, October 17, 2008

The beach, sun, cousins and family= PARTY!!

I just have to say that though I am posting these pics a few months late, I still love reminiscing about the beach. This year was especially amazing because my nephew Jonathan was there and had just finished his last round of chemo. He was still sick and could not walk very well, but did not want to miss the beach. We had a "NO MO CHEMO" Luau party for him. Of course my sisters and I put on a skit for Jona that was a big hit that will be used as black male on us for years. :) We all laughed and cried that night and just enjoyed being with each other as a family. These are just some of the many reasons I love our annual beach trip.

I LOVE having a contest to see who can see the ocean first when we first arrive.
I LOVE getting to the beach house, having our swimming suits on already and running out to the ocean.
I LOVE that the place we stay is full of sand, dirt, mildew, rust, and has not been updated or worked on since the 60's.
I LOVE that no one minds the beach house (to much :) ) because we are right on the sand and at the beach (not in the house) for the whole week.
I LOVE that we pack in 30+ family members into one house and that we wouldn't have it any other way.
I LOVE our 7 am walks to the donut shop to get a donut every morning.
I LOVE taking my kids down the Pier and letting them watch everyone fishing and then asking if they can touch the fish.
I LOVE watching my kids come out of the ocean all wet and lay in the warm sand.
I LOVE watching my kids catch sand crabs and ask if they can keep them as pets.
I LOVE the adrenaline rush of the freezing cold ocean when I first jump in, and the cramp I get in my right pinky toe.
I LOVE running as fast as I can with my sisters into the ocean and swimming, floating, and acting silly like we are kids again.
I LOVE watching my brother Scott surf.
I LOVE hanging out with my older brothers on the sand and having long conversations with them.
I LOVE convincing my sis-n-laws to get in the water.
I LOVE putting the kids down for the night and sitting with a big blanket on the beach with my hubby.
I LOVE all the beautiful beach houses with immaculate porches that surround our porch, and then looking at our porch that has an explosion of towels, bikes, scooters, chairs, shoes, boogie boards, swimming suits, sand buckets, shovels, and anything else that pertains to the beach.
I LOVE watching my kids with their cousins knowing that they are making memories that will last a lifetime.
I LOVE all of the junk food we have 'O' plenty for all to partake of any time, and anywhere.
I LOVE playing games at night and laughing so hard that I almost wet my pants.
I LOVE that my mom is in heaven and satisfied reading her books all day and knowing that we are in heaven.
I LOVE the proud smile on my dad's face and chuckle as he watches us from afar.
I LOVE the adult night swim we take and how giddy it makes us.
I LOVE just laying on the beach doing nothing.
I LOVE watching my wonderful husband looking for sea shells, sand crabs, and building castles with my kids.
I LOVE the Balboa bars!
I LOVE going to bed at night and seeing bodies asleep all over the place because there is not enough room in the house for everyone.
I LOVE watching everyone with a good book on the beach and calling dibs on who gets what book next.
I LOVE eating literal sandwiches on the beach and not caring one bit.
I LOVE laying next to my husband in our sand filled bed with all three of our children crammed into one small room and knowing that this is what life is all about!

My sisnlaws and sisters, Tracy Tipton, Heather Tipton, Jamie Tipton, Juliette Hess, Tiff Johnson, Cherisse Sarager. My mom is missing in this pic
My bros., brothernlaw, husband, and dad. Scott Tipton, Jay Tipton, Rick Tipton, Adam Hess, Shaun Johnson, Dad

"NO MO CHEMO" party. This was so fun and my nephew looks a little frightened. I don't know why. :)

First day at the beach McKay and Jaden. 4 and 5

Brig and McKay

With Brig and Andrew planning the week

Jaden, Carson, and Brig

Just a little excited to see each other. Brig and Jaden

Look at that smile!

Uncle Scott giving McKay a little ride

Hold on tight

Donut Time! McKay, Jaden, Roxcy

Nothing better than donuts, the beach and dad!


My cute sisters family. Jonathan, Cherisse, Carson, and Cody

Jay and Jonathan. Jonathan walked down to the pier with his walker. It is a long way and we were pretty proud!

The clan

Rick and my dad

More of the clan

That is what I am talking about!!mmmmmmmmm

We need more zinc and sand please!!

Roxcy + marshmallows = heaven

Our little monkey

Our other monkey

Cousins at the fire pit. Malloy, McKay, Truman, Max, Roxcy, Jaden

Malloy and McKay being goof balls together

Max, Brig, and McKay

Shaun, McKay, Jaden, Carson, and Andrew taking turns burying each other

Look at that cute face

What a little beach babe

Give me some love. Jaden and Carson

Rocxy and Andrew with a healthy snack. :)

Sisters. Roxcy 1, Jaden 4

Mckay 5, Roxcy1, Jaden 4

Jonathan, McKay, and Brig

I love this pic. of Roxcy. She not only loved playing in the sand, she loved eating it as well

The Motley crew. These little monkeys decided that Cody needed to wake up from his nap. McKay, Jaden, Malloy, and Carson

Malloy and McKay

I have never seen someone so excited to me buried in sand before. :)

Mimi, Roxcy, Nixie, and the Diet Dr. Pepper she bribed them with to sit on her lap. :)

I love this girl!

The sea lions we saw on the Harbor cruise

Jaden on the Bungee jump who wanted to go higher

McKay had the best laugh on this thing

Daddy time. McKay, Dad, and Jaden

Papa with Jaden and McKay

YES......... they all got in with thier clothes on

Roxcy feeding Cody sandy grapes

This was the favorite hang out of the trip for the kids

Limbo anyone

My brothers are dying in this pic. Scott, Rick, Jay, Adam, Jamie, Tracy, Heather, Tiffany, Juliette, Cherisse

McKay and Carson

The fam at the bottom of the pier

Love this

Love this even more

And more sand crabs

My favorite pic of the whole trip

Shaun loves going on walks with the kids when we are at the beach. He is such a great dad