Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dirt, Mud, and more dirt make for a perfect camp out!!

When we first arrived for the ward camp out, my children started playing with all the dirt on our car and tires. I freaked out a little and said, "You guys are getting so muddy, their is dirt everywhere. Then, my cute husband just looked at me and said, "Are you kidding me?" Don't get me wrong, I'll be the first one in a mud wrestling contest, but I have to mentally prepare for it. My mind had not switched from mom mode, to do what ever the heck you want we are camping mode. It was beautiful! We were surrounded by trees and it rained on and off the whole time we were there. I usually can only take one night of camping but I always feel a twinge of envy for families who live on a lot of land and can just let their kids explore and be outside all day. My kids love to camp, get dirty, and explore. I really think they are in their element and so happy when ever we go camping. Even Roxcy was in heaven. In the evening we had a ward fire side and I was trying to finish the forth book of Twilight. Roxcy had fallen asleep and probably would have been fine in the tent, but being the thoughtful person that I am :), I told Shaun that he could take the kids to the fireside and I would stay in the tent with Roxcy. Do I feel guilty? No! I got the best of both worlds. I could hear the fireside and read my book at the same time. I did get busted when Shaun came back and caught me red handed. After everyone was asleep, I was still reading and the batteries in my flashlight went out. No problem.....I grabbed one of McKays glow sticks, broke it open, and finished my book. I did have a massive head ache in the morning, but it was worth it!
These two pics. are so hilarious! Look at these cute boys and how tough they are. McKay, Cason Payne, and Gavin Perkins. McKay and Gavin stood in the rain for a long time to get a few rain drops. Kids are the best!

Jaden, Lizzy Flake, and Mailey Neus. These girls were three peas in a pod on the camp out. Somtimes I would follow behind just to hear their conversation. Quite the imaginations.

Dirt anyone?

After we arrived Roxcy just walked around looking at everything. She was so happy and looked so amazed at everything around her. I love witnessing a childs first.

My kids basically lived down by this swing. They could not get enough. What a blast.

Jaden you are such a fun kid. You love to play dress up, dolls, and for me to do your hair a certain way, but you are not afraid of anything, and always the first to get in the mud, or get wet. You love being with your brother and his friends and never seem to mind if you are the only girl. It is so fun to be around you. What a great kid!

We brought pop, and Roxcy went to every open can she could to drink. At one point, drinking was not enough, she poured a can of fruit punch over her head. She was swimming in the stuff. It did give a nice red tint to her hair though.

McKay, you are my little HUCKLE BERRY FIN! You were trying to build fires, collecting rocks, sticks, in the water trying to catch frogs, you name it, you were trying to do it. You were so sad to leave and just wanted to keep exploring and playing with friends. I am always so amazed at how you can keep going. You are always thinking of things to do or places to go. No matter how tired you are, you just want the party to keep going. You always bring so much fun to everything we do.

Serious Brownie points!!

Shaun and I have a tradition of going to stay at a hotel for a night right before I have a baby. It is the perfect amount of time to get away and really enjoy ourselves. Well, I am not pregnant, but, Shaun totally surprised me, arranged for my parents to watch the kids, and took me to the Point in Phoenix. I don't know if I was more excited to get away for a couple of days, or the fact that my husband arranged everything and pulled off a great surprise for me. None the less, it was fabulous. We shopped, ate, and watched movies. Thanks for the great weekend babe, and for being an amazing husband. When do we get to go back?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Toddler bowling and McKay's 6th Birthday Party!!

This was a BLAST!! We had a family BarBQ at my moms house and Aubrey was in town and brought over this HUGE Construction tarp (AKA Super fun slip and slide). We put my dads hose over the fence, poured a gallon of soap on the tarp, and we went to town. Becky and Joe came by with their kids, and most of my family were there. It really was so fun. I have not laughed so hard for a long time. The kids kept walking up the tarp when they were done and kept getting knocked down by everyone going down. Hence the name, TODDLER BOWLING. My nephew, Jonathan who is in remission for cancer was such a champ and also went down a few times. Thanks Aubs for a super fun time!!

Shaun, McKay, Jaden, and Max

Aubs, Jaden, and Harlie

Jonathan taking a ride.

Jaden taking Roxcy who cried the whole time. I don't know if she was more afraid of the slip and slide, or the crazy people running around with soap all over their bodies.

The Train 'O' Fun!!

Max, Jaden, Brig

McKay grabbed a raft for some extra air!

Poor Roxcy. This was here expression the whole time. Utter confusion!!

McKay and Mrs. King, (his kindergarten teacher), handing out cupcakes on his birthday.

Grandma and Grandpa taking us to Chucky Cheese for the B-Day celebration. McKay had just lost his first tooth. Love it!!

My kids are obsessed with chucky cheese when they see him. They seriously follow him around like two little puppy dogs. Look at those grins.

Ray, LuAnn, Mariann, Shaun, Roxcy, Jaden, and McKay

The Birthday Breakfast!! The "M" pancake that my mom and dad so skillfully taught me to make growing up.

I asked Aubrey if I could borrow the tarp, and re used it for McKay's B-Day party. The boys (and Jaden) had so much fun. Krew, Quinn, Aaron, McKay, Carson, and Ryan

All of the crazy boys actually sat and posed for me. I love Jaden in this picture. I went to drop her off at her little girl friends house during the party. She started sobbing and said she did not care that she was going to be the only girl. She had so much fun and absolutely did not care that she was the only girl.

McKay and his bud Reed. These two boys have so much fun together and just love to be wild!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When is our last day of church?

So I want to make a scrap book of my blog at the end of the year. In order to do that, I need to actually post my pictures from this last year. Here are two of my favorite moments from when Jaden and McKay played T-ball. We have a great neighborhood that got a few teams together to play T-ball on Saturdays for free! So fabulous! I was getting the kids ready for their last game and McKay was less than enthusiastic to go. I bribed him but nothing worked. I finally told him that it was his last T-ball game and he did not have to go anymore after the game was over. He did not answer me. He just sat there in deep thought and finally asked, "Mom, when is our last day of church?" I was on the floor laughing. When I told him that there will never be a last day of church he looked crushed! Classic!

Jaden loved playing T-Ball. She felt so big and looked so cute and tiny in her over sized T-shirt. The only problem was when she was in the out field and a ball was hit, she would run as fast as she could to pick it up but never quite make it. So the last game she must have tried ten times until she sat down and cried. I could not take it anymore so I got a ball that we had and threw it to the out field right next to her. She looked up, and I told her to get it. She picked it right up and was so excited and proud of herself. I was proud of her too. :)

I of course love this shirt and try to get McKay to wear it as much as I can before he is too embarrassed.

I love that pink glove!