Tuesday, January 5, 2010

first day of school

First of all, how cute are McKay and Jaden that they are holding hands? Of course I made them hold hands and I tell them they have to hold hands and make sure they both get to class safely when they get to school. Partly so they get there safe, but mostly because I love watching those two cuties walk hand and hand to school. :) This day was way harder for me than it was for them. Jaden first of all was upset that I had to take her. She wanted to walk by herself. She reminded me that she knew where the school was because she could see it from our house. McKay is still upset that he cannot take the bus to school but was happy that he was going to be able to eat lunch there. They both found their friends and marched right into school with no prob. As soon as those doors closed I lost it. Especially because McKay was going all day and would not be home until 3. That is a long day. When Jaden got home she said she loved her teacher and that they had pet Binny pigs :) in her class, and she met new friends. When I went to get McKay at 3, he hopped in the car, took one look at me in disgust and said, "Mom, where have you been? I have been waiting for you for 200 hours! He also said that his teacher kept giving him sneaky looks. I had to compose myself from not laughing right out loud.

Ms. Trowbridge and JJ

JJ, Naomi Oakes, and Angela Davis

Aaron Hipps, Tanner Short, and McKay

Summer fun with cousins, lemonade stands with friends, and last day of swim lessons

We went to visit my bro. Jay and sis n law Heather and kids and they made a hilarious movie together. I love how tough McKay, Brig, and Jake are trying to be and how adorable Jaden still looks as a thug. :)
My nephew Quinns baptism day.

Camby, McKay, Maille, and Jaden having a lemonade stand in 100 degrees weather. McKay and Camby were very upset that they could not sell lemonade for $5 a cup.

Last day of swimming lessons they got to jump off the water fall and go down the slide. They loved it. McKay and Jaden are quite the little swimmers. They did so awesome!

please leggo club!

crazed leggo fan smile!! :)

McKay wants to get into the leggo club magazine so bad that his sister is even trying to help!

Monday, January 4, 2010

camping, lots of dirt, catching butterflies, skunks, and catching our first fish

Summer of 2009 was filled with family, friends, and fun. The best time I think we had was when we went camping with our cute family of five. Granted, I was 7 months pregnant, did not sleep a wink, got up four times (three to pee and one to throw up), and was almost sprayed by a skunk. It still was a blast. I seriously love watching my kids run around and just be kids. They were filthy dirty and loving it. We made some great memories on this trip. The kids met some older girls with butterfly nets. They swindled them in to letting them use them and McKay and Jaden caught a ton of these tiny purple butterflies. They were so into it and so concentrated on catching butterflies that they were occupied half the day. There also was a swing tied to a huge tree that would swing out over a huge ditch. There were not a lot of people camping when we went, so they pretty much took over the swing. The scariest part of the whole trip was at night when we were eating and I saw a pair of glowing eyes near our camp. I froze and told Shaun that there was something coming towards us. He took his flashlight and put it right on a huge skunk. I guess skunks don't have great eye sight because it came right through our camp without batting an eye. I totally freaked out and felt like the girlfriend from parent trap. I yelled to my kids to get in the car as fast as they could and made them stay there until the skunk was gone. Jaden was crying, Roxcy was screaming, and McKay was laughing. The rest of the night Jaden would burst into tears because she was afraid a skunk was going to come and get her. Good job mom! One of the times I got up to go pee I had a baby skunk right by me with his tail in the air. I have never ran so fast in my life, pregnant and all. I will be ok if I never see another skunk again. I think hands down the highlight of the whole trip was when we went fishing. We went to a fish hatchery where you pay to fish. I know it is cheating, but we knew it would take all day to catch a fish and frankly I am not that patient. The kids had a ball, and McKay had been talking about catching his own fish for months. I was praying so hard that it would happen, and low and behold, within minutes he had caught his first fish. Then a few minutes later Jaden caught hers. The look on both of their faces was priceless. They still talk about it. We got quite the education that day as we took the fish home, got on line and found out how to skin, and debone a fish. The kids were totally into it and so was Shaun. They did a great job and it was the best fish I had ever had.