Sunday, November 11, 2007


My sister is going to be so proud of me for updating my blog. As I was posting the Halloween pictures I remembered (wish I could forget) this day and had to tell everyone this story that I can laugh about now. The kids and I were all playing one day when the doorbell rang. I got up to get the door and was literally back in about 10 seconds. When I returned, Roxcy was a little bit fussy, Jaden was laughing, and McKay bolted out of sight and hid. Seeing all the warning signs I asked Jaden Why Roxcy was crying and she said, while laughing, "Mckay put a ROLEY POLEY BUG in Roxcys nose!" "HE DID WHAT?" And as I examined my 5 month old, it looked like she had a little bead in her nose instead of a bug to my releif. I managed to retrieve the object out of my babies nose to find out that the bead unfolded into yes you guessed it, a Roly poly bug. Roxcy seemed fine after I made sure there wasn't any other foreign objects in her nose. And we have a new rule in the house, Absolutely NO bugs in any ones nose at any time! They don't tell you what to do in these type of situations in any parenting book. :)

Trick or Treating with cousins

Shaun and I can not go one Halloween without wearing our awesome afro wigs!!

Trick or Treating with a skeleton (McKay), a princess (Jaden), a pirate (Malloy), and NACHO LIBRE (Carson). The coolest costume I have ever seen!

This was definitely a night of treats. Juliette came down from Flagstaff, Cherisse and Jonathan came over, and Mimi and Papa. I love family, and any excuse to get them here I will try it. McKay, Jaden, Malloy, Nixie, and Carson looked so cute and had a blast collecting candy. The night would not be complete though without one of the kids throwing up (Nixie on Juliette), and Jaden wanting to change her costume every five seconds from a lady bug to a dancer to a princess. Got to love kids! :)

The many looks of Roxcy


Get your chicken BABY!

"HAIR CLUB" for babies! She's not just the President, she's a client.

Our sweet little baby girl is constantly being smothered by her big brother and sister. People told me that the novelty of a new baby would wear off,............I'm still waiting. They are constantly putting hats, wigs, eye patches, handing her things to eat like corn on the cob, and their plastic kitchen food. She is the most even tempered baby and adores her brother and sister. She lights up and belly laughs every time they enter the room. I on the other hand keep Roxcy with me at all times and don't light up as much when I see my kids coming toward her with the next costume prop for her to wear or eat.

"WWF" wresting with dad, pumpkin carving, and five little monkeys at the zoo

When we were carving pumpkins with the kids they kept making the best scary faces. This is just a sampling of what these little gobblins were coming up with. I would not want to meet these three in a dark alley when they are in a bad mood! :)

Weekend with five kids!

Juliette and Adam went on a much deserved "R & R" to Mexico for a few days a we got the kiddos! It was a blast. We kept all of them busy and let everyone eat whatever they wanted for the weekend. We went to the zoo and they got to pet sting rays, and a PYTHON. Nixie was fascinated with the snake. She just wanted to keep petting it. I know what I am getting her for Christmas from her Auntie. The looks we got from people as the kids had snow cone juice all over their faces and clothes was almost as pricless as the looks Shaun and I recived for being at the zoo with five kids under the age of five. So fun!

Schnepf Farm with the Hogles

We had so much fun with Dana, Susan and kids. Even though we live what feels like a hundred miles away, our kids are always so excited to see each other. Plus, Susan and I love each other so much that we have decided that our kids will be best friends whether they like it or not. We sat and watched a live band as we ate dinner and the kids got up and started shaking their grove thang. It was hilarious to see all of their sweet moves ( I taught them well).

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Polk a dots

Jaden and Mckay love the book "PJ Funny Bunny" about a brother who teases his sister 24/7. One part of the book PJ paints his sisters face with polk a dots and my kids think it is hilarious (real hilarious). Here is evidence that kids mimic what they read and see on T.V. :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Michelle

Happy Birthday Michelle! Here is a little Birthday shout out and just some of the reasons I think Michelle is the best.

* Most devoted and fun mom who would do anything for her kids.

* Most creative person I know.

*Funnest person to take a trip with.

- Womens conference

- Price is Right........ Go hot pink shirts "We love our Arizona Barker Beauties".

- Jay Leno (we were totally on tv........ we are so famous)

- Magic Mountain

- Tooting in the gas station. :)

- Disneyland with our families right after we had our babies.

* Best Bachelor watching Buddy. GO TRITA AND RYAN!

* President of the Jack Bower "24" club.

* Best hostess, party planning girl, and cake maker I know.

* A very devoted and loyal friend. I always knew I could call or go over to Michelles house at any time of the day or night,( literally), 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 am, you name it, she would be there with her big smile ready to give me advice, support, or tell me my latest craft or invention was cute.

* Michelle is one of the most patient people I know.

* Always looks gorgeous.

* Best bunko buddy. One time she sat in the carport with me for two hours trying to break open some coconuts just so we could have matching coconut bras for Hawaiian bunko night.

* Best neighboor and friend in the world, who I am determined to live next to again some day!

Love you Michelle, Have an awesome day!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Weekend in Flagstaff

Sisters are friends who know everything about you but love you anyway.
Me, Roxcy, Juliette, Jaden, Malloy, Nixie, and Mckay. We had so much fun visiting cousins in Flagstaff. Juliette had quite the itinerary ready for us when we arrived. I love my sis and was sad to say goodbye. I know she is in Flagstaff, but I feel like she has moved to Timbucktu! Thanks for such a fun filled weekend. You are the best.

Popcorn party!

I was quite the proud aunt to witness my niece Nixie laughing her head off and saying her first word "popcorn"! What a cutie.

The reading corner

It's amazing that a boy so active can sit still and be perfectly content looking at books. I love it.