Monday, October 19, 2009


The tooth fairy is broke!

Jaden was so excited to learn on a recent trip to the dentist that her first tooth was loose. Her brother would never let her wiggle his lose tooth so she was in heaven to know she could wiggle her own. She also got a visit from the tooth fairy around the same thime.

Two front teeth

McKay lost his two front teeth within days of each other. The tooth fairy left him a note and 2 dollars. I love him with those missing teeth. So cute!!

The humming bird nest

One day the kids were outside and told us they found a birds nest. When we went outside we could only see this tiny thing the size of a silver dollar that did not look like much of a nest. Sure enough there were two tiny, tiny humming bird babies inside. It was so amazing that anything is that small. We were able to watch them grow, see the mommy humming bird come to feed them, and then eventually fly away. What an education for all of us. Love it!

Graduation and the beginning of summer fun!

Mckay was honored for all around character for the whole year and was student of the month. He had a party with his buddies the last day of school to kick off the summer.

Jaden had her preschool water party to start off summer and her graduation. I loved being her teacher!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

pudding art!

McKay, Jaden, and Carson doing a little summer time pudding art! What little aspiring artists they are. :)

ROxcy turns 2!

Roxcy got some rain boots, and a my little pony. She wore them all night and did not share with her sister much to jadens disappointment. ;)

We had a little bday party with a couple of her friends and cupcakes.

Sophi and Roxcy.

cousins, the farm, sleep overs, and hole in the rock

On our tour of superstition farms we had the rare opportunity to see a baby cow born. malloy said it smelled and mckay asked why the baby cow just came out of the mommys butt! Wasn't expecting that questions on a fun day at the farm!

WWF time!

They thought it would be fun to sleep in the club house. They lasted 45 minutes and came inside!

Hole in the rock. McKay 6, Jaden 5, Roxcy 2

Lead singer of kiss!

Here is Roxcy in the markers, apparentley trying to get a part in the band kiss!!:)
My niece Emily got married and had a beautiful reception. The flower girls dresses were completley adorable. Here are Jaden, Roxcy, and Nixie.

My kids were hilarious on the dance floor. They had some pretty impressive dance moves. Must have been watching dad.

My cute niece, brother and sis n law.

This is one of JJ's favorite things to do. What a little sales lady.

McKay insisted on getting Jaden a gold fish for her b day. She was very excited to say the least.

Tipton b day celebration for myself and JJ.

Love this early morning pic!!


For Jadens 5th birthday we had a fancy nancy party. My sister made the cake of course which was to die for, my mom, myself, and Cherisse had a table set up where we did the girls makeup, and put fancy ribbons, flowers, and feathers in their hair. Oh yes, also lots of glitter. I think we had more fun than the girls! The girls had a tea party, danced, and had a great time. I could not do it without my cute fam.

Brother insisted on staying and helping with the ladies.

Is this the cutest cake or what?

Love it!!

Hogles cabin, snow, and fun!!

Hogles invited us to their cabin and it snowed all night. The kids had so much fun with Jesse and Reed. Dana pulled them behind the quad on the sleds. They were flying everywhere. We got some pretty good video. They ate snow, made snow angels and ran around all day. To be a kid again.