Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Toddler bowling and McKay's 6th Birthday Party!!

This was a BLAST!! We had a family BarBQ at my moms house and Aubrey was in town and brought over this HUGE Construction tarp (AKA Super fun slip and slide). We put my dads hose over the fence, poured a gallon of soap on the tarp, and we went to town. Becky and Joe came by with their kids, and most of my family were there. It really was so fun. I have not laughed so hard for a long time. The kids kept walking up the tarp when they were done and kept getting knocked down by everyone going down. Hence the name, TODDLER BOWLING. My nephew, Jonathan who is in remission for cancer was such a champ and also went down a few times. Thanks Aubs for a super fun time!!

Shaun, McKay, Jaden, and Max

Aubs, Jaden, and Harlie

Jonathan taking a ride.

Jaden taking Roxcy who cried the whole time. I don't know if she was more afraid of the slip and slide, or the crazy people running around with soap all over their bodies.

The Train 'O' Fun!!

Max, Jaden, Brig

McKay grabbed a raft for some extra air!

Poor Roxcy. This was here expression the whole time. Utter confusion!!

McKay and Mrs. King, (his kindergarten teacher), handing out cupcakes on his birthday.

Grandma and Grandpa taking us to Chucky Cheese for the B-Day celebration. McKay had just lost his first tooth. Love it!!

My kids are obsessed with chucky cheese when they see him. They seriously follow him around like two little puppy dogs. Look at those grins.

Ray, LuAnn, Mariann, Shaun, Roxcy, Jaden, and McKay

The Birthday Breakfast!! The "M" pancake that my mom and dad so skillfully taught me to make growing up.

I asked Aubrey if I could borrow the tarp, and re used it for McKay's B-Day party. The boys (and Jaden) had so much fun. Krew, Quinn, Aaron, McKay, Carson, and Ryan

All of the crazy boys actually sat and posed for me. I love Jaden in this picture. I went to drop her off at her little girl friends house during the party. She started sobbing and said she did not care that she was going to be the only girl. She had so much fun and absolutely did not care that she was the only girl.

McKay and his bud Reed. These two boys have so much fun together and just love to be wild!


Market Maven said...

looks like a fun b-day! holy crap that tarp is huge! cute pictures. Good to see you took my advice! You did a *little* better. The pictures weren't 10 feet apart this time ;) good job on the writing skills :) Your kids are darling! K I'm at the stage of pregnanct that I just want desserts all day. The picture of McKay and his cupcake...I wanted to reach through the picture and eat it! I still want it! How sad is that?! Good luck with your scrapbook! and happy b-day to your dad! so cute

juliette said...

What the freak are you going to do for that child's 7th birthday? Have 3 parties? I love all the fun and I'm so sad that we couldn't be apart of it. That tarp is soooooo dang fun!

Jolley's said...

oh my gosh, that looks like SOOO much fun! I want to go down the slip n' slide!