Sunday, November 11, 2007

Trick or Treating with cousins

Shaun and I can not go one Halloween without wearing our awesome afro wigs!!

Trick or Treating with a skeleton (McKay), a princess (Jaden), a pirate (Malloy), and NACHO LIBRE (Carson). The coolest costume I have ever seen!

This was definitely a night of treats. Juliette came down from Flagstaff, Cherisse and Jonathan came over, and Mimi and Papa. I love family, and any excuse to get them here I will try it. McKay, Jaden, Malloy, Nixie, and Carson looked so cute and had a blast collecting candy. The night would not be complete though without one of the kids throwing up (Nixie on Juliette), and Jaden wanting to change her costume every five seconds from a lady bug to a dancer to a princess. Got to love kids! :)


juliette said...

Halloween was the best, your baby was hillarious in that fluffy costume, and I miss you already.

sassyfrass said...

such cute kids and costumes! Course we have the best taste ever and choose the same costume for our babies. They are so meant to be!! Who is Carsen? That is the funniest costume I have ever seen!!!

Jolley's said...

It's about time you posted more! Roxcy is SOOO cute. I haven't seen a close up picture of her since Disney...all the kiddo's look adorable of course. Hopefully in just a couple of more Halloweens we'll be back trick-or-treating in AZ with you guys!