Wednesday, January 2, 2008


We have started giving Jaden and McKay chores to do. One of them is to water the plants out front. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that they would take this job so seriously that they would water the flowers not once a day, but every time they went out side to the point that we had a literal swamp in the flower bed. We finally had to take the hose out of the front because they were obsessed with watering. My friend once told me that she did not think she had ever picked up her son at my house without him being soaking wet or muddy. Here are some of the neighborhood kids with McKay and Jaden having their mud bath for the day.
So this kid has put a bug in his sisters nose, put markers all over his sisters face, taken his goldfish out of the fish tank with his bare hands and put it in a cup of ice, then put it back in the fish tank where we all thought it was dead, but were informed an hour later that a miracle had happened and that his goldfish had been resurrected. But, McKay is also the most sensitive and in tune kids I know. Tonight after dinner he told me he wanted to go take treats to his friends in the neighborhood. I asked him what treats he was going to give them and he said his Halloween candy. Since it is January 2nd I thought that candy from October would not be the most desirable treat to give out, but he was insistent. I thought he was going to knock on the door of two or three friends homes and give them a sucker or something. Instead, he got on his bike and put his Halloween bucket on his handle bars and rode down the street 7:30 at night stopping at each house throwing candy in the driveway. He was beaming and thought he was being such a good little friend. I followed him up one side of the street and down the other. He turned and said, "Mom my friends are going to be so excited when they wake up tomorrow and find my candy!" I didn't have the heart to tell him that it probably would be covered in ants and be thrown away by all the moms and dads. I just agreed and kept following him down the street on Jan. 2 with his Halloween bucket. Aren't kids the best.

This was Jadens first day at dance class and she loved every minute of it. The teacher told me that she did great and said that she kept trying to help her as they did some dance moves across the floor and Jaden just kept looking up at her saying, "I already know this, I can do it by myself." She's not independent in the slightest. I think it is an exciting moment for a parent when their child seems to be taking an interest and loving something that you have loved your whole life.


sassyfrass said...

lol! Did you think of that title yourself?! Very impressive! Your kids are soooo cute! Love that he threw the candy on the driveways!

juliette said...

Sooo Mckay! That is one of my favorite Mckay adventures! I wish I was your neighbor so you could call me and I could have Malloy run outside- find the candy- run to your house and tell Mckay all about it. How excited would he be then? Ohhh but as it is, I don't live by you, I live in the middle of a snow mountain, and I will never go outside again.