Monday, February 25, 2008


My cute cousin Missy has Tagged me and I am sure some of my answers will have some of you wondering how you are friends with such a crazy girl...... but, here it goes.

10 years ago: I had been back from my mission for about a month. I was still asking my sisters to go everywhere with me so I would have a companion. When my friends wanted to hang out I would ask for a specific time, location, people going, what I needed to bring, and exactly what time I would be home. Very nerdy.

5 things on my to do list today: Since it is 10 at night, the only thing I have left to do is a date with my bed for some much needed sleep. Here is what was on my to do list today.

1. Went to aerobics at the church with all of my children and worked out. ( I realized it was time to put my words into action when my three year old daughter told me at church yesterday in the bathroom stall that my bum was to big for the potty. And yes, the bathroom was full of women. Love those honest comments! :))
2. Went to Walmart to do a little grocery shopping.
3. Dropped Jaden and McKay off at a Birthday party at 1:00
4. Made dinner for our dinner group ( If you have no idea about this one, you need to know. It is the best invention ever!)
5. Grandma and Grandpa came over to have FHE with the fam. This consists of McKay and Jaden wrestling, jumping, spinning, dancing, tickling, and basically being completely out of control while grandma and grandpa tell them how cute they are. Then we end with a prayer. :)

5 snacks I enjoy: Are you serious? What snack don't I enjoy?

1. Haagen Das Almond and chocolate covered vanilla ice cream bars ( there are three in each box and I can easily consume the whole thing).
2. Almond Roca
3. Cold Cereal
4. Vanilla bean ice cream
5. And of course the "Pazookie"!!

5 places I have lived:

1. Tempe, AZ
2. Mesa, Az
3. Provo, UT
4. Salt Lake City, UT
5. Queen Creek, AZ
wow!!! I am so impressed with this. :)

What would I do if I was suddenly made a Billionaire:

First, I would buy my dad a brand new, no miles on it, right off the lot, car of his choice. Then, I would by a huge beach house with 10 bed rooms right on the beach for my entire family, fly them all out and tell them that I won a weekend at a fun beach house. Then when they all arrived, and we were all together, I would tell them that we actually now owned the beach house. I get excited just thinking about the reaction. Can you stand it? Then, I would let each member of my family and Shauns family pick out whatever car they wanted and drive it off the lot. Start plans on a custom home on a huge lot of land. Make sure that I bought the other surrounding lots of land so I could live next to my sisters and give the other lots of land to my closest friends and make a perfect neighborhood. Take a trip to Europe with Shaun and stay in all the 5 star hotels. Take a trip to Disneyland with Shaun and the kids for 2 weeks and stay in the nicest room in Disney land and order room service every meal. Take a trip with my sisters, mom, sister n laws, and closest friends and family to a spa for a week and receive messages when ever we like. Go to Oprah ( better yet, be on Oprah!) Give money to friends, family, charity, church, and always have money on hand to give to those homeless guys you see on the corner. This is one of my favorite topics to talk about with my sister. It's fun to dream.

5 jobs I have had:

1. Dance teacher
2. Olan Mills
3. Sears
4. Computer company
5. Dental office

5 things you didn't know about me:

1. I will start with my favorite. My last month on my mission my companion and I were serving in Pres. Hinkleys sons ward and teaching someone in his home. His son invited us over on Christmas for Christmas dinner. It was Clark Hinkley, his wife Kathleen, and their four beautiful children, and my companion and I. All of a sudden President Hinkley, Sister Hinkley, and their body guard come walking in the front door. They joined us for dinner and my comp and I sat directly across from Pres. and Sister Hinkley. I even told a joke which President Hinkley did not get. We laughed, took pictures, and enjoyed watching him just be a grandpa. It is truly one of my most cherished memories that I will never forget.
2. I was really sick for the first four days of my honey moon. Throwing up, fever, the whole nine yards. Poor Shaun
3. Went para sailing in Nice, France with Aubrey after our missions and we were laughing so hard while flying through the air that I peed. Poor people in the boat. I have a bladder problem. :)
4. One summer Aubrey, Becky and I would sneak into Kino Junior High pool at night and go skinny dipping. That makes me laugh as I am typing this.
5. I threw out my back one time while doing a flip on the diving board, trying to show off for a boy I was visiting in Alabama. His mom insisted that a bath would make me feel better. I managed to get in with no problem, but to my complete horror, I realized that I could not get out. I laid there and wished that I could magically disappear. Then, his sister n law and mom knocked on the door and came in. I started crying and told them I couldn't get out. They then proceeded to lift me out. One had one leg and arm and the other had the other arm and leg. They got a pretty good show to say the least. hehehe

Now I get to tag 5 people...... I tag Heidi, Michelle, Melissa S., Juliette, Lorena. Good luck ladies


Carter Family said...

You made me laugh so hard this morning I almost peed my pants. What a lucky person to have spent Christmas with President Hinckley and his family.

Melissa said...

lol about the throwing out your back! that is hilarious and I hadn't heard that story! Girl, you sure you're doing your math right? I swear I was on my mission until March of 2008? That would mean you were ON your mission 10 years ago! Arg am I really that old? Didn't you just not go back to Olan Mills? I swear you just decided to not go to work anymore? Love your Billionaire thoughts...can I re-do mine?! Can I live in that perfect neighborhood? As for the you could out eat anyone and you were/are a STICK! LOL your bum isn't so big ;) that's is classic! I can totally picture your FHE! Too cute. How awesome you got to be so close and personal with Pres. Hinckley. I remember and love that story! You're the best. So fun to read this

Cosseboom Family said...

Your answers are hilariuos. I totally remember you telling me the story about throwing out your back, I laughed so hard. That's so funny you peed your pants while para sailing. Do you need some depends? Thanks for tagging me. I normally don't do them, but I may have to consider doing it. This is my journal and it would be fun to read my answers years from now.

juliette said...

I love it! Can I just dido your billionaire ideas since half of them we made up together talking about it? I will just copy and paste.

Kim said...

I have tears in my eyes, I am laughing so hard! That is so hysterical!

Brannon and Leslie said...

Oh, the throwing out the back story never gets old. That's going to go down as one of the best stories in history. Love ya!!!

Melissa said...

still waiting for your home phone# and your comments on my 100 new posts!

Melissa said...

I just love you! You are the funniest thing ever! Seriously.

Melissa said...

do you have another friend named Melissa? cuz I swear I didn't say that you were the funniest thing ever. Let me tell you a good joke. Your blog! Come on girl! It's time for a new post! AND your phone number!!! I'm going to start leaving some bombs :) love ya

Market Maven said...

yeah, I'm SO cute that you never emailed me your phone# never responded to my 2 phone calls?! Ya, I'm SO CUTE!!!!

Market Maven said...

btw "market maven" is your cousin!!! If u ever talked to me, u would know that! ;)

Ron Michael Family said...

Very funny stuff there Tiffany. I love catching up on you dance girls from the good ole' days. Cute family!

Tiff Moser said...

Hey I found your blog off of Emily's and I added you to my favortie people list. I hope that's okay? :-) Your blog is so fun. I update mine once a week, unlike Em. I keep harrassing her to get more pictures up there.

Melissa said...

Ummm....what happened to your blog? I do check it and it has been a solid 2 months my friend. So we need some good Tiffany entertainment.

Melissa said...

seriously. get with it......2 months?

The Hermy Zoo said...

wow the things I didn't know, your awesome!