Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's a miracle!!! I am posting and hopefully not getting any more threats from my cousin Missy! :)

Birthday dinner for Jaden, Aunt Mariann, and me. Thanks mom and dad Johnson!

Three Birthday Girls. Aunt Mariann, Jaden, and mom

Grandma Johnson and her girl

So excited to be four! We had to have our birthday breakfast with a pancake "J" and birthday sign. Growing up my mom and dad always did this for us and now my kids get so excited for it.

Big brother was just as excited as Jaden for her birthday

Jadens big day! The princess tea party. This was borrowed from a friend ( thanks molly) and it was all real and so adorable. The girls (most) were very careful as they poured their lemonade and ate their food. Thanks to my cute sisters Juliette and Cherisse, my mom, my mom-n-law, and Aunt Mariann who came and helped and made Jadens day even more special. Love you

Seriously all of these girls were so cute! Jaden, Maddi, Carly, and cousin Nixie

Sleeping Beauty made a guest appearance and Mckay was being so shy. I had to take a pic of it. I don't think I have ever seen him get shy around anybody

Sleeping beauty danced with the girls, read stories, put on makeup, and ate with the girls. (thank you Loretta)

Jaden and Nixie decided it would be funny to put nerds (the candy) on the couch and pick up as many as they could (with their mouths) before they rolled onto the ground. Look at those mischievous grins. These two are Trouble with a capital "T"!

Mimi came in her best tea party attire and assisted with putting makeup on the little girls. They were in heaven. Isn't my moms hat the best.

My girls!! Mom, Roxcy, and Jaden

Jaden staring in awe at sleeping beauty as she entered

Jaden did not stop smiling after Sleeping Beauty arrived

The birthday cake. Jaden was in heaven when she saw this sleeping beauty cake for her 4th birthday (Which was March 8th. Better late then never.) I asked my sister Cherisse to help me with this cake which consisted of me going to her house and telling her how good she was doing, how cute it was, and handing her some frosting. Thanks Cherisse you saved the day!


Cosseboom Family said...

Yeah!! You posted. The party was very fun and cute. Karli had a great time and then seemed to cry about everything when I came back. You put on a great, adorable party.

Melissa said...

lol threats?! come on now! Girl, you know how to throw a partA! SO cute! They look like they had a ball. SO fun that your mom & sisters get into it! Can u just imagine my mome and sisters? Ya, NO way they would get into it. Way to go sis's! Did I miss your b-day? I'm the worst! I love that McKay is in Christmas pj's! Glad I'm not the only one that puts their son in Christmas pj's in May! :)

juliette said...

I loved reliving that birthday! And might I say, you look beautiful yourself! Our daughters really are trouble, but Nixie was in heaven! That really was such a fun birthday, you should have showed a picture of the 2 million presents that Jaden recieved because that was a sight to behold! It's not to late to get the sister of the year award and come up for Malloy's birthday... I'll make you some brownies, pazookie- anything!

Brannon and Leslie said...

Yay, finally a new post. I loved the pictures of the party. Too dang cute. Maddie asks for McJaden, as she calls Jaeden on a daily bases. I think she just put McKay and Jaeden's names together to put together one extra special friend. Anyway, too cute. I'm still diggin the hair and as soon as i lose 10 pounds I'm chopping mine off. Love Ya!!

Jolley's said...

IT IS A MIRACLE!! I was starting to wonder if I was ever going to see updated pictures of your kids (remember one of the main reasons you need to update is so that those "aunties" of your kids who live very far away and don't get to come to all the fun parties or see your kids grow up...get to see them). The party looked AWESOME! And I love the new haircut...:)

Melissa said...

I just noticed you FINALLY put links on your blog! Trust me, I plant the "We need to move to AZ" thought in Jons head weekly! Maybe one of these days he will listen! ;)miss u!