Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Jaden 4, Roxcy 1, Mckay 6
So excited to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Kept doing karate moves all day.

So I bought Jaden this costume last year for Halloween and on the day of she refused to wear it. She said she wanted to be a princess. So this year I talked about lady bugs, and read books about lady bugs, and sure enough she wanted to be a lady bug for Halloween. Yeah!!

These girls are two peas in a pod

Roxcy kept her little head band on most of the night and just kept running in circles going BZZZZZ! :)

Who likes posing and who doesn't?

Roxcy, Nixie, and Jaden. When these three are together you can not get any more girly. They are so cute to each other and the conversation is hilarious.

Malloy, McKay, Jaden Roxcy, Nixie, Carson, and Cody Halloween night

Love the Sistas! Tiff, Cherisse, and Juliette

Jonathan and Cherisse. Love that they dressed up on Halloween.

Roxcy pushing Cody. I think that Roxcy thinks that she is 10 yrs. old. She tries to get anyone in those strollers to push around.

Jonathan, Cherisse, Juliette, Adam, TIff, and Shaun

McKay wanted chauffeur service the whole night.

Love this pic of Jaden!!

Mom and Dad staying strong for two hours passing out candy. We have a lot of tricker treaters in our neighborhood so they just both sat at the door and left if open.

I love that little face!

So McKay came in after an hour of tricker treating, had his costume off, Jammie's on, candy dumped on the floor in 1.2 seconds. A kid after my own heart.

We had to drag this girl in from trick or treating. She would have gone all night long. Love it!

The next day we had a family+Amber :) shower for Juliette at Crackers. It was the funnest. No clean up and no cooking. Just fun, laughing, presents, and food.

I love this picture. These three boys have the funnest, craziest, most hilarious (did I say crazy), personalities ever. They definitely can liven up any room. I don't want to know the trouble they will be into in the future. :)

My cute sister Cherisse had all of us over on Halloween day to decorate cookies, make finger puppets, and candy necklaces. The kids had a ball.

Of course we let her do all the work. She is the MASTER!

OK......... can you pick out my son? That's right. The one doing the ninja moves. I was laughing so hard. McKay is so funny. I love that all the kids are posing so still and in every picture I have of McKay's class he is doing a ninja move!!

Flex those muscles

Mother Natures Farm with the Hogles. Jaden, McKay, Jesse, and Reed. They all had so much fun.

THe candy witch visited our preschool this year. (aka mimi or mom) THe kids loved it and my mom always tells the most dramatic, interesting story. THey love their mimi.

Jadens prescool class having some treats.

The teachers. Miss Cherisse, and Miss Tiffany

Jaden and Carson. These two are such good buddies but can be very mischevious together.

So fun being able to be Jadens teacher. She is my little sweetie.

OK, so fun!! We went to Amber Olsens Halloween party as...... you guessed it Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. I think that Shaun and I had more fun actually getting our costumes on. We seriously were laughing so hard. My husband is such a good sport to put up with all of my crazy ideas.

MILK anyone. I guess my sister is having the milk man's baby!! hehe

Such a fun party, and so fun being with Adam and Juliette

OK....... so Jaden, McKay, and Carson built this little fountain with rocks and the hose. They were really into it. They spent a lot of time on it. I had to get a pic of all the hard work.

Go inside to put the camera back and come back out to this!! They are quick. So I get the camera and take another pic. Then I go back inside to put it back and come back out with all three of them jumping on the tramp. in the nude! Can't leave them alone for a second. :)

I love the mornings......sorta of. I always wish I could sleep a half an hour longer and wish my kids breakfast could magically make itself. But what I love is the sound of Jaden and McKay going into Roxcy's room, Jaden crawling into Roxcy's crib to snuggle with her, and McKay doing something crazy to make them laugh. I was able to sneak in there the other morning to catch this cute moment.

AM I GOING CRAZY???.......... I am still laughing at this picture. One night when Jaden had dance, we were running late so I grabbed her dance clothes, put Jaden in the car, and told her we would change when we got to dance. When we got there, I parked and started getting her dressed in the car. We walked inside, she went to her class, and I started chatting with someone. When there was about 15 minutes left of class I started watching Jaden dance. Her leotard looked a little skeewampus(as my mother would say:)) and I thought she had probably gone to the bathroom and had put her leotard on wrong. When she came out of dance I asked her if she went to the bathroom and she said "NO". I asked her why her leotard looked that way and she said, "Mommy, you put it on this way." OK, first of all I have put on leotards my whole life, it is second nature to me. But, for some reason that day I decided to put on her leotard first with BOTH LEGS through one of the holes so part of the leo was hanging off her waist, then her tights after that. What do you think her teacher thought? I did not even have the excuse that her dad got her ready because I was right there at dance with her! Don't you just love some days. The funniest part is that Jaden did not say one word. She danced her little heart out the whole time doing shuffle ball change. :)

Pixie sticks anyone. This is one of those moments in your child hood that is priceless. A little neighboor down the street was doing a lemonade stand. Before I knew it, Jaden and Mckay came out with pixie sticks, a box, paper, markers and a cup to sell pixie sticks. It was a big hit! The neighboorhood kids loved it. My favorite part was when I tried to buy one and offered them a quarter. McKay then told me it would be a dollar for me. What a businessman.


Cosseboom Family said...

Nice to see a new post! Loved all the pictures. Sure looks like you had a fun Halloween. Now I see where Michelle J. got her costume idea. Cute Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.

Jolley's said...

seriously love, love, the tinkerbell costume! You're right, mine was almost as cute as yours ;) thanks again for the idea! And seriously, your girls costumes, ummmmm hello? Did that come from your brain? Too cute.

juliette said...

I love all the pictures and once again stole half of them. McKay's class is so cute and I can't get over how cute your girls are in all their sparkle glory!

Olsen Family said...

Seriously I have never met more photogenic people in my life. I refuse to take any more pictures with you three sisters.

Market Maven said...

ha ha! Sorry I hadn't commented! I pretty much gave up checking on your blog ;) I figure every 6 months is about all I need to check ;) Your kids look SO cute! I can't believe how big they are getting! They are darling! Your costumes are hilarious! Very nice. Juliette makes me angry. Not fair how she stays all skinny and just gets the belly! I know my pics don't know me, BUT girl this past 2 weeks it caught up. My butt and thighs are massive and I still have 19 weeks! Ok we need to talk....I appreciate your post....however; can you please figure out how to post your pictures so I don't have to scroll 5min to get to the next? I am now officially (cant spell today) dizzy from scrolling 20min to look at this post....and the wording! oh, I mean there was none! Where has my funny cousin gone? just kidden! It's still a great post! You just need to do better ;)

Market Maven said...

oops meant to say my pictures don't SHOW me (getting fat)