Friday, May 2, 2008

Easter 2008

My kids were obsessed with coloring Easter Eggs this year. We did it at school, then twice at home. They usually would color the egg and then crack it open and eat it. They did not get the concept that the Easter bunny was going to hide them.
Easter dinner at my moms house with me, Roxcy, Cherisse, Tracy, Juliette, and Emily. I feel pretty blessed to have such incredible woman in my family and in my life. They are all so strong, smart, fun and crazy. They always inspire me to be a better person. Love you ladies

Show me the goods. McKay, Quinn, Jaden, Truman, Carson, and Malloy after a hunt at my moms house.

Exhausted from the hunt and taking a little break.

Since we have church at 8:00 the Easter Bunny decided to come and hide eggs after church. The Easter Bunny is so considerate and always works with my time schedule. :)

McKay after church on Easter Sunday. He looked so dang cute!

Jaden who scored on the Easter Eggs. When she prayed this night she asked if Heavenly Father could have the Easter Bunny come again to our house and bring her more candy. He was tied up though.

Roxcy was hilarious! She loved trying to pull those plastic eggs apart. She would sit and concentrate so hard until she got them open

She was in sugar Heaven on her first Easter. I would have liked to say that that was the first day she had tasted candy, but I have a mom who gave Roxcy Diet Dr. Pepper at 3 months. And, who knows what else. Know wonder my kids love Mimi so much. They get whatever they want. :)


Tiff Moser said...

I love Easter!!! Your pictures are so cute Tiffany.

Melissa said...

wow! u blogged again.....miracles do happen. Your kids look adorable! U should feel blessed to have such fun sister & in-laws that put forth an effort to get together and have a good time! You guys are great

Melissa said...

p.s. love that Nixie sp? is totally checking out your nieces bum bum! In that least thats what it looks like!

juliette said...

Cool- another fun post, you are on a roll. That really was so fun, I love being at home and seeing family, ahhh summer lovin happening so fast- two months to be exact!

Brannon and Leslie said...

Love the new post. Cute picture especially of your sisters. Don't you all look snazzy. I want to be there with you.