Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Roxcys 1st Birthday!!

Here is Roxcys first birthday sign and birthday pancake breakfast. She does not look impressed. :)

Being smuthered by kisses by big bro. and sis.

Roxcy was so funny. She did not want anything to do with her cake. She was afaid to touch it. McKay and I showed her how it is supposed to be done but once again she was not impressed. :)

The cake that of course my little sis cherisse made. She always does such a great job. Thanks Cherisse

This tutu was made for Jaden but looks so cute on Roxcy too. She did not like the tutu, but found this flower and really examined it for a bit while I snapped some pics. Then she tried to eat it. What a little cutie!


Melissa said...

lol well better make her 2nd b-day a little more special....looks like she just wasn't impressed!!! j/k! Link was the same way....didnt want to touch his cake & once he did he was furious! he hated his hands being dirty! She looks so cute and I'm sure she loved it! Darling cake!

juliette said...

Ok- you really under talked that b-day outfit! She is the cutest little one year old ever! The cake is also so fun and adorable! Oh and I can't forget to mention her tight little muscle shirt worn during her pankcake breakfast- cutest family, I miss you.